Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keller: "McCain Seems Angry"

I must say I really hate watching these debates. I hate it partly because it pains me to see John McCain say so many things that are so outrageous in so condensed a time period. But I also hate it because I really can't even seem to figure out how average voters view these things. I was pretty worried after I watched the debate. I didn't think McCain had turned the election on its ear or anything but I did think he had shifted the momentum in the race.

Right as the debate ended though, I had a quick chance to get two other reactions. First, I saw that Nate Silver had seen it differently. "Congratulations, President Obama" he wrote on his blog. Then, my phone rang. It was Jon Keller. I answered and Keller said, "Ah yep." Some of you know Keller and know what this means. In Keller-speak, this means, "Obama crushed him." The longer explanation from Keller was basically this: People wanted Obama to look like a president and he did that. He was a cool customer and McCain was a flailing, angry, and dismissive jerk. Bet you couldn't have gotten all that from "ah yep," but that's what he was saying.

And it turns out, most regular voters saw the debate the same way Keller did. Perhaps it is because he lives in New York but Keller can spot a fella with anger management issues a mile away:

We won't see what effect the debate has on the polls for a couple of days yet. But, thanks to Keller talking me down, I'm convinced McCain won't be benefiting from tonight's performance.


Jonathan Keller said...

Thank you, thank you, you're all beautiful human beings...

As Lady Livia once said to her (later infamous) son, "Tiberius, when it comes to the less imaginative arts, you are certainly to be relied upon..."

Yes, folks, it's true -- I've finally convinced the most stubborn political mind in the world that I am absolutely a bona fide expert on what the average moron thinks :)...

Anonymous said...

Ah, no. Ah no, ah no, ah no. How could you?

It's not that Keller isn't occasionally correct. It's that the damage caused to the East Coast network by this admission is so fundamentally toxic.

Think the Green Goblin spraying that evil green gas everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I saw it as incredibly lopsided. McCain actually caused me to laugh out loud a few times.

I mean seriously... He champions "Joe the Plumber"? Have a little faith in average Americans. People are not *that* stupid.

Health of the mother in quotations?? Sarah Palin is great in large part because she has such an amazing husband?? (Did he REALLY say those things??) He looked like a whiny child on the playground, and was completely out of touch with most of his comments.

Enjoying the blog btw!