Monday, October 27, 2008

Late Polls

The ABC/WP trackers holds steady at Obama +7.

Some new state polling:

Arizona (NAU) - McCain +8
California (Rasmussen) - Obama +27 (not a typo)
Colorado (Rasmussen) - Obama +4
Florida (Suffolk) - Obama +5
Florida (Datamar) - Obama +5
Florida (Rasmussen) - Obama +4
New York (Siena) - Obama +31
North Carolina (PPP) - Obama +1
North Carolina (Rasmussen) - McCain +1
Missouri (Rasmussen) - Obama +1
Ohio (Rasmussen) - Obama +4
Oklahoma (TvPoll) - McCain +27
Oregon (SurveyUSA) - Obama +19
Pennsylvania (Temple) - Obama +9
Virginia (Rasmussen) - Obama +4
Washington (Washington Poll) - Obama +21

PPP had Obama up by 7 in North Carolina a week ago so (combined with the Rasmussen result) the race appears to have narrowed there. Being close in Missouri and North Carolina is just not where John McCain needed to be. Pennsylvania is just not looking all that close. McCain kinda needs Florida and having two polls showing the same Obama lead there is just brutal for him. Obama seems to have a lead in Ohio too.

Oh, and Ted Stevens was just found guilty. Oof.

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