Friday, October 31, 2008

TPM Eats Eagleburger for Lunch

Former Secretary of State Larry Eagleburger said yesterday, unequivocally, that Sarah Palin will not be ready on Day One to be President and that, if she learns over time, she might turn out to be adequate at best.

Now TPM posts video from Fox News today where Eagleburger tries to walk this back. It is bizarre as well as pathetic to watch. As TPM points out, "it had something of the feel of one of the Maoist self-criticism sessions or perhaps one of the public apologies during the Moscow show trials." Eagleburger says he "wasn't thinking correctly," he "made a terrible mistake," and he "should have said that within a relatively short period of time, she would also be a foreign policy expert. I said it badly and I'm sorry."

Notwithstanding the creepy nature of the public self-flogging, isn't the admission of this kind of erratic, shoot-from-the-hip, flapping-at-the-gums stupidity exactly what they are accusing Barack Obama of being too inexperienced to avoid?

Thank goodness John McCain will have smart, seasoned foreign policy experts like Larry Eagleburger around him who know how to avoid saying stupid things and who will be able to avoid having to walk them back in some kind of humiliating way.

Here is Eagleburger announcing his shame for the world to see:

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