Thursday, October 9, 2008

Morning Polls

This morning's trackers are the first to include significant numbers of post-debate interviews and we see no significant changes. Gallup holds steady at Obama +11. Rasmussen moves from Obama +6 to Obama +5. Hotline moves from Obama +1 to Obama +6 (Is it me or is there something wrong with the Hotline tracker? Way too volatile). Battleground moves from Obama +4 to Obama +3. R2000 holds steady at Obama +10.

The state polls continue to have great news for Obama. Strategic Vision has Obama up by 14 (not a typo) in PA. That means the last 5 polls in PA have Obama up by 14, 12, 13, 15, and 15. This kind of begs the question, "Why did McCain give up on Michigan but not Pennsylvania?" Rasmussen has a poll out in Minnesota showing Obama up by 7 (about where I figured the race was a couple of days ago). In Virginia, a new PPP poll has Obama up by 8. In Georgia, we have two polls out. Rasmussen has McCain up by 9 and Strategic Vision has McCain up by 7.

26 days to go, no big changes here.

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