Friday, October 10, 2008

Morning Polls

Nate Silver (see below) predicts the trackers will move a bit in Obama's direction this morning and tomorrow morning. Did it happen? Gallup goes from Obama +11 to Obama +10 and Gallup indicates McCain did a bit better in Thursday night's interviewing. Rasmussen holds steady at Obama +5. But Hotline moves from Obama +6 to Obama +7. The Battleground tracker moves from Obama +3 to Obama +8 and has Obama above 50% (he's at 51) for the first time. R2000 moves from Obama +10 to Obama +12. Not sure what to make of all that as I do think highly of the Gallup tracker.

R2000 and SurveyUSA both have polls out in the last 24 hours in Wisconsin showing Obama with a 10 point lead there. Strategic Vision has Obama up by 2 in Ohio and up by 8 (not a typo) in Florida.

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