Thursday, October 30, 2008

Late Polls

As mentioned below, the ABC/WP tracker holds steady at Obama +8, Obama is at 52% in the poll, and almost all of his supporters in the poll say they will not change their minds. The new CBS/NYTimes poll has Obama up by 11 nationally, slightly closer than their poll a week ago, which had Obama up by 13.

Some state polling:

Indiana (Rasmussen) - McCain +3
Indiana (R2000) - Tied
Iowa (SurveyUSA) - Obama +15
Kentucky (Rasmussen) - McCain +12
Montana (Rasmussen) - McCain +4
Nevada (R2000) - Obama +5
New Hampshire (Suffolk) - Obama +13
North Carolina (Civitas) - Obama +1
North Carolina (Rasmussen) - Obama +2
South Carolina (SurveyUSA) - McCain +8
Wisconsin (R2000) - Obama +11
Wisconsin (SurveyUSA) - Obama +16

I ask again, why is Obama going to Iowa tomorrow? Rasmussen is pretty conservative in their polling (mainly because they weight by party ID) and putting Obama up by 2 in North Carolina is a REALLY bad result for McCain. McCain's small leads in these polls in Indiana and Montana are also not welcome news for McCain.

It is getting later and later ... and still no real movement towards McCain at the state level that I can discern.

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