Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Afternoon Polls

The ABC/WP tracker holds steady at Obama +9.

Just a few state polls:

Arkansas (R2000) - McCain +11
Illinois (R2000) - Obama +24
Iowa (R2000) - Obama +15
Kentucky (R2000) - McCain +16
Minnesota (St. Cloud) - Obama +6
Missouri (R2000) - Obama +1
New Jersey (Marist) - Obama +17
New York (Marist) - Obama +24
South Dakota (R2000) - McCain +9
Tennessee (R2000) - McCain +16

Not a lot of states that are close here. The St. Cloud poll seems like moderately good news for McCain but others don't have Minnesota that close. The R2000 poll in Missouri is also good news for McCain as they have a slight Democratic lean from what I can tell.

But I say again: What in the world is McCain going to Iowa for?

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