Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Late Polls

A number of late polls today. Almost all are good news. The ABC/WP tracker moves from Obama +10 to Obama +11 and Obama is up to 54% in that one. AP/GfK has a national poll out that has Obama up by 5 among registered voters but just 1 among likely voters. This is one of those overly tight likely voter screens Nate Silver was talking about in his post.

At the state level, we've got a bunch of new polls this afternoon:

North Carolina (WSOC-TV) - Obama +2
North Carolina (CNN/Time) - Obama +4
Ohio (CNN/Time) - Obama +4
Virginia (CNN/Time) - Obama +10
Wisconsin (R2000) - Obama +11
Nevada (CNN/Time) - Obama +5
Kentucky (Rasmussen) - McCain +8
Tennessee (Rasmussen) - McCain +12
South Dakota (Argus Leader) - McCain +7
West Virginia (CNN/Time) - McCain +9

CNN/Time polls have seemed to have a slight Obama lean I think but these numbers are still good. Slight leads in North Carolina and Nevada, good lead in Virginia. Nothing but bad news for McCain here. That single-digit lead in Kentucky is a bit shocking and, while it is certainly bad news for McCain, it is even worse news for Mitch McConnell. If the Obama campaign decides to spend a little money there and build on their GOTV effort there (which they certainly have the resources to do), it could cost McConnell his Senate seat.

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