Thursday, October 9, 2008

Late Polls

Let's start with the reliable pollsters. Rasmussen has a poll out this afternoon showing Obama is ahead in Michigan by 16 (not a typo) points. Undoubtedly, Michiganders are hurting economically. But I don't think they appreciated McCain giving up on the state either. Anyway, whether it was a tactical ploy or not, Michigan is now gone. In other polling, Rasmussen also has Obama up by 3 in Florida, up by 1 in North Carolina, and up by 8 in New Jersey while they have McCain up by 7 in Indiana.

Rasmussen also has a poll out showing Al Franken pulling into a 6-point lead in Minnesota. Nate Silver rates Franken as a slight underdog in this race (though this poll might change that view) and Al needs your help. You can donate here and you should.

Civitas has Obama ahead by 5 in North Carolina. I suspect he may be ahead by a point or two but I'd be surprised if it were 5. Now, ARG, whose polls I simply don't trust, has a bunch of polls out this afternoon. Here they are with my comments in parentheses:

West Virginia - Obama +8 (It is probably very close but I don't think Obama leads)
Missouri - McCain +3 (Obama is probably 1 or 2 points ahead)
Minnesota - Obama +1 (Obama has a 7-10 point lead here)
Ohio - Obama +3 (This could be about right)
Texas - McCain +19 (Obama is not this far behind)
Montana - McCain +5 (This could be about right)
New Hampshire - Obama +9 (This could be about right but I think it might be a little closer)

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