Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another One (yeah, THAT one) Is In The Books

Most of the pundits are reading tonight's debate the way the rest of us do for once. In short, it was a good night for Barack Obama. He was solid, presidential, very camera-aware, and he connected well. McCain did not have any major mistakes ... aside from calling Obama "that one" (image to the left is from Andrew Sullivan's blog). But he was a little grumpy, a little awkward at times walking around too much, and he was particularly weak on the economy. As others are saying tonight, a tie goes to the candidate who was ahead coming in. But this probably was not a tie. Obama won it on points at a minimum. We won't see polling reflecting voters' reactions to this debate until Thursday morning at the earliest but I don't think those numbers will have good news for John McCain anyway.

27 days to go!

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