Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Afternoon Polls

The ABC/WP tracker narrows again from Obama +9 to Obama +7.

Some state polls:

Arizona (Zimmerman) - McCain +2
Ohio (U. of Akron) - Obama +4
Pennsylvania (Muhlenberg) - Obama +13
West Virginia (R2000) - McCain +6

This is the second poll in Arizona today - a state that had not been polled recently or much at all - and it is further bad news for McCain. Is it really this close in McCain's home state? I've never heard of either of the pollsters who did these polls but they sure do agree with one another. The West Virginia result is about where other pollsters have it when you figure in R2000's slight Democratic lean. The Muhlenberg tracker in Pennsylvania moves another point in Obama's direction. At what point will the public polls in Pennsylvania begin to reflect the private polls McCain must have that justify going all in on Pennsylvania? Just asking.

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