Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late Polls

There is nothing in the afternoon update that is good for McCain. The ABC/WP tracker moves from Obama +7 to Obama +8. The national Harris poll has Obama up by 6.

A bunch of state polls from CNN/Time and Rasmussen came out this afternoon:

Alaska (Rasmussen) - McCain +16
Colorado (CNN/Time) - Obama +8
Florida (CNN/Time) - Obama +4
Georgia (CNN/Time) - McCain +5
Michigan (Rasmussen) - Obama +10
Minnesota (Rasmussen) - Obama +12
Missouri (CNN/Time) - McCain +2
New Mexico (Rasmussen) - Obama +10
Virginia (CNN/Time) - Obama +9

Again, assuming Obama holds Pennsylvania, he just needs to win any one of Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, or Missouri. Colorado and Virginia in particular seem to be longshots for McCain right now.

In sum, the big disconcerting move today has been the Rasmussen tracker. And, while that's not necessarily great news, I am not seeing tightening elsewhere. Not yet anyway.


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