Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The polling data suggests that Newt has not only peaked but he is almost certainly behind in Florida. Nate Silver compiles the data here.

This is not hard to explain. Newt was leading for a few days and took his foot off the pedal. He scaled back the attacks on Romney, he tried to Bruce Banner it at the debate, and he unveiled a ridiculous policy proposal to build a permanent lunar base. He got Newt-ered.

Thursday, Newt has a shot to get back to the red meat attacks on Romney (and, more importantly, the media) that helped him win South Carolina. If he plays it cool Thursday, he's going to lose Florida. Simple as that.

Get angry Newt. Get very angry.


Larry Becker said...

A new Ramussen poll has Gingrich down by 8 in Florida. He's not quite back to where he started before South Carolina but he's getting there. Get angry Newt!

Jonathan Keller said...

Channel your anger, Newt. Let the hatred flow through you like electricity.

William D. Adler said...