Thursday, January 19, 2012


Has one word ever summed up a candidate better?

Romney is sliding in South Carolina, his campaign is having trouble, he's had his first poor debate performances, and he's been asked questions about his tax returns over and over. It isn't like they couldn't see this question coming in the debate. And the prepared answer is ... maybe? MAYBE?!?

Mitt Romney needs to get a lawyer and sue his campaign team for malpractice. There is simply no way he can still not have a clear answer to the tax return question. And yet he really doesn't. He answers with maybe and then some vague nonsense about "multiple years" but he's not willing to say how many. And he still doesn't provide a clear answer as to when he will release them. How is there no clear answer here???

We all know there is stuff in the tax returns that will make Romney look bad. He pays a lower rate than too many people. He earns a lot and people might feel like he's out of touch. And he probably has used some tax dodges that are legal but look bad. But whatever the bad stuff is ... get it out there. This is PR 101.

How does he get asked about his taxes and say ... "maybe???"

By the way, a little bonus on this video clip is Rick Santorum. Watch Santorum's reaction as he stands next to Romney flailing. He's having a ball.

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