Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Independents Not Digging Romney

PPP has a poll out today with Obama beating Romney nationally 49-44. It is not a massive lead but it is an improvement on where things had been.

Of particular note is Romney's slippage among moderates and independents:
It's not as if Obama's suddenly become popular. He remains under water with 47% of voters approving of him to 50% who disapprove. But Romney's even less popular, with only 35% rating him favorably while 53% have a negative opinion of him. Over the last month Romney's seen his negatives with independents rise from 46% to 54%, suggesting that the things he has to say and do to win the Republican nomination aren't necessarily helping him for the general. Obama's turned what was a 45-36 deficit with independents a month ago into a 51-41 advantage.

One thing that really stands out in this poll is the extent to which Obama has claimed the middle. He's up 68-27 on Romney with moderates. He also leads by 20 points with voters under 45, a group there's been some concern about slippage with, and he has a 66-30 advantage with Hispanics.

Maybe Mitt should have one of those discussions about envy that we're allowed to have in "quiet rooms" sooner rather than later.

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