Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Mitt Romney has been attacking Obama for employing "the rhetoric of envy."

I really think this is a mistake for Romney. In short, I think it does not look good to be a rich guy telling America that "Obama is just trying to make everyone envious of me." That is not the language Romney uses but I think that is the message that is received.

It is as if two kids are arguing and one accuses the other of being a child of privilege and the privileged child says, "you're just jealous." Well, that line not only acknowledges the wealth, it tells the person who is not wealthy their lot in life is their fault.

To put it in more strategic terms, last night, Romney received 48% of the vote in New Hampshire from Republican Primary voters with over $100,000 in income but just 33% of those under $100,000 in income. But just 37% of Republican Primary voters had income over $100,000. He just stuck out his tongue at people who don't like him already. Now imagine the demographics in low-income South Carolina compared with New Hampshire (lower income in South Carolina). Now imagine the demographics among the broader electorate (much lower income than the Republican Primary electorate).

Mitt Romney appears to be embracing his public persona as a candidate for wealthy people.

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