Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Quick Thought on SC Results

I am listening to Mitt Romney's concession speech ... and I am absolutely convinced he's learned NOTHING from the last two weeks while his campaign has melted down. On the night of the New Hampshire Primary, I focused in on Romney's use of this "attack on free enterprise" and "envy" argument and said it was a mistake. Romney seems to be doubling down on it by attacking Gingrich along the same lines. Romney said he knew Barack Obama would criticize success and free enterprise but he didn't know members of the Republican Party (Gingrich, et al.) would join him.

Romney and his campaign team are utterly tone deaf ... and they are really melting right now.

Steve Schmidt (ya know, the last guy to beat the tar out of Romney) was just asked on MSNBC if the Romney campaign meeting on taxes should have happened a year ago. Schmidt said, "it should have happened 5 years ago!"

UPDATE: Glad to see Sullivan was writing along very similar lines as I was at the same moment watching Romney speak ...

8.07 pm. Romney's speech is a little hackneyed, but focuses in the end on Gingrich, someone "who hasn't run a business or run a government." He attacks Gingrich for "picking up the weapons of the left" today. He is sticking to his defense of Bain Capital as indistinguishable from capitalism itself. That argument didn't work in South Carolina, and it remains weak, weak, weak.

More later ...

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