Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning Polls

How do we say this? Here goes: “That was not a good idea Johnnie.” People do not like John McCain going to DC just to screw up the financial bailout negotiations. Actually, to quote Mike Huckabee, John McCain made a “huge mistake.” Seriously, he just said that.

Rasmussen tracker moves from Obama +3 to Obama +5. Hotline tracker moves from Obama +4 to Obama +7. Research 2000 tracker goes from Obama +6 to Obama +5. And Gallup? Gallup tracker goes from a tie to Obama +3.

The newest state polls do not look good for McCain either. A new R2000 poll in Missouri shows McCain’s lead down to 1 point. If Missouri is a tossup, McCain is WAY behind. Rasmussen and SUSA have Pennsylvania at an Obama lead of 4 and 6 respectively. New polls in Michigan have Obama up by 3, 8, 10, and 13. The 3 point lead is from Strategic Vision, a Republican polling firm that has a slight Republican lead in their polls (according to Nate Silver). The 13-point lead in MI is from Ann Selzer’s polling outfit, who Nate Silver had a conversation with yesterday and he published a fascinating piece on why her polls have been better for Obama than others. Very interesting read:

My favorite piece of news from the last 24 hours? The demand by Republican House members that the bailout package for Wall Street include a cut in the capital gains tax. That made me spit out my coffee laughing.

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