Saturday, September 27, 2008

Morning Polls

More good news than bad news in today’s trackers. Rasmussen goes from Obama +5 to Obama +6 and Gallup goes from Obama +3 to Obama +5. Hotline goes from Obama +7 to Obama +5 and R2000 goes from Obama +5 to Obama +6. This is the most consistency we’ve seen from the four trackers throughout the campaign and is clear evidence of a real lead that Obama has now. Almost none of the data from these trackers is from after the debate last night so we’ll have to see what effect that has.

There are no new state polls out this morning (except for a Rasmussen poll in Iowa showing Obama up by 8 – I consider Iowa all but done at this point) but a few from late yesterday deserve mention. Rasmussen put a poll out in Virginia with Obama up by 5 and they had one out in Florida with McCain up by 1. Those are both unhappy results for McCain. Morning Call had a poll out showing Obama up by 4 in Pennsylvania. Good to see he’s up, but still too close for comfort. In other words, if Obama is up by 5 nationally, he should have more than a 4-point lead in PA. But those data are not likely compatible. We shall see.

All in all, we’re in good shape today.

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