Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning Polls

The McCain bounce is REALLY slowly fading in all the trackers now. It is REALLY slow but it is happening I think.


1) The Rasmussen tracker went from McCain +3 to McCain +2.

2) The Research 2000 tracker went from Obama +2 to Obama +3.

3) The Gallup tracker has remained steady for several days now at McCain +2

4) The Hotline tracker isn’t out yet today but, yesterday, had Obama +2.

I think McCain still has a slight edge 1-2 points at the national level but Obama probably has a very slight edge in the Electoral College as much of McCain’s gains has come in deep red states. The playing field of battlegrounds has certainly shrunk but I do think we’ve weathered the worst of the convention/Palin storm. I am very encouraged by that SurveyUSA poll in Virginia. Let’s hope we see other state-level polls like that one. Another poll (Suffolk University) out in Ohio today shows McCain up by 4 there. Ohio is a must-win for McCain but not necessarily for Obama. Still, we remain in striking distance there.

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