Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alaska Races

Still a lot of questions about the results in Alaska. There are currently over 75,000 uncounted early,absentee, and provisional ballots. The Division of Elections now has a page that breaks these down by state house district. In most districts, over 10% of the total ballots are "question" ballots. There are over 16,000 of these question ballots statewide (so far), almost double the 2004 total.

The uncounted ballots are spread throughout the state. There's no clear indication based on region that would seem to favor either candidate. The division of elections has not been updating the election results as they process ballots. I think they release the full results after all absentee ballots are in, so we wait until Nov 24th. If all states operated this way or if (god help us) the presidential race came down to Alaska, we'd be waiting weeks for the results while they sit on these ballots. Unacceptable.

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