Friday, September 28, 2012

The YouTube ...

... is not Romney's friend either ...

It turns out that even "Invisible Obama" (Clint Eastwood and his empty chair) has been viewed twice as much as Mitt and Ann Romney's speeches combined.

Now, most of the reason for this is just the demographics of the coalitions supporting the two candidates. Barack Obama is supported by the young. Mitt Romney is supported (nominally) by the old. So people who are more likely to cruise around on YouTube looking for videos of a monkey washing a cat are younger and less likely to support Mitt Romney. They don't want to see Mitt Romney's convention speech but they might want to see where Mitt Romney said bad things about the 47%.

But there's another part to this story. Old people use YouTube less but they're not dead and they're not luddites. They also aren't watching Mitt Romney's convention speech because ... it was not very interesting or even watchable. It was boring.

As I mentioned at the time, it was a big missed opportunity.

Now, as we approach the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney is under increasing pressure to do something dramatic to change the race. He needs to rattle a guy whose whole public persona is all about being cool. Indeed, people complain that Obama doesn't get angry enough, he's too calm and aloof. The odds that he'll fly off the handle and make a mistake is really quite small.

Mitt's in a tricky box.

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