Saturday, October 4, 2008

Morning Polls

Not much movement to detect in the first trackers out including a significant number of interviews since the VP debate but, if there is any movement, it seems to be towards Obama. Gallup moves from Obama +7 to Obama +8. Rasmussen moves from Obama +7 to Obama +6. Hotline moves from Obama +6 to Obama +7. And R2000 moves from Obama +11 to Obama +12. The Hotline tracker also made note of the fact that Joe Biden’s favorability rating went up significantly over the past week.

There are no significant state polls out today on the presidential race but there is a MN Senate poll from the Star-Tribune out that shows Al Franken up by 9. You may know that that SurveyUSA poll out yesterday (which showed McCain ahead in MN by 1) had Franken DOWN by 10. How could these two polls both be right? They can’t. I said yesterday that there was something wrong with that SUSA poll and I say it again today. I don’t know what the state of the Franken/Coleman race is to be honest but I know that Obama is ahead (and probably by 5-8) in Minnesota. And I think we’ll see that when polling is done there again soon. There, I said it.

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