Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Bad News for McCain

1) Sarah Palin is going to Nebraska tomorrow to try to defend the electoral vote up for grabs in the 2nd Congressional District there. That's an electoral vote that should be a gimmee for them and, if the base is so jazzed by Sarah Palin, they would much rather be using her in some important swing state tomorrow.

2) As Brian Schaffner points out, Obama has now hit some scary metrics. He's at 50% in the Gallup Tracking Poll and has an 8 point lead and it is now October. See Brian's piece for why this is going to be a steep hill to climb for McCain.

3) More polling data is showing that Sarah Barracuda (McCain proclaimed "viva la Barracuda" today ... seriously, he did) did not do anything to stem the tide towards Obama.

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