Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There Are Facts

It turns out the polling was accurate all along. Amazingly accurate as it happens.

As I wrote on Sunday, the polls were unequivocal. The only chance Romney had to win was if the polls were somehow displaying some kind systemic polling bias. I explained that that was possible even if it was not likely. Not likely was right. The polls were just right on the mark.

As a side note, not that I'm out for anyone losing their livelihood or something, but I do think there should be some accountability for some of the pundits that were just silly, silly wrong. For goodness sake, take Dick Morris off the air. Seth Masket is right about Peggy Noonan.

Anyone (including the Romney campaign) who considers Pennsylvania to be a swing state should be shut out of the discourse. They're not living in the fact-based world. I continue to defy anyone to show me something insightful Mark Halperin has said. Gallup Poll meet lack of credibility. Lack of credibility, this is the Gallup Poll.

There are facts. Thank goodness.


Jonathan Keller said...

So, can you tell us which polling companies distinguished themselves, and which ones should close up shop?

Also, what was it that made the better ones better?

Larry Becker said...

As I've said many times, PPP is a good pollster. And, according to one study, PPP outperformed everyone. I may write more about this in the next day or two but PPP's "secret sauce" was to weight demographics to be similar to 2008.