Monday, August 6, 2012

News That Doesn't Matter

If it's news but doesn't matter, is it really news?

Romney plus RNC raised $100 million in July while Obama plus DNC raised $75 million. Does that matter? No.

Look ... both sides are going to have far more to spend than they need and, given that only a few states are actually in play, that money will be so concentrated on those states that the saturation point will be reached even earlier.

How the two sides are spending their money is a different question. The Obama campaign has been investing more heavily in their ground game by opening more offices, hiring more staff, and investing in GOTV efforts. The Romney campaign has emphasized advertising to a greater degree. It isn't black and white obviously as both sides have enough money to conduct both an air war and a ground war. But the differing emphases are pronounced enough that it could make a difference. I really don't know which side is making the better bet empirically. But I will say I generally think the Obama team is the smarter and more experienced group of the two.

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