Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pennsylvania, Michigan, National Poll Results ...

... nothing.

Just nothing, nothing, and nothing happening.

PPP has a poll out this morning with Obama up by 6 in Pennsylvania.

PPP also has a poll out in Michigan showing Obama up by 14 (he's not ahead by 14 but he's surely ahead) and Mitchell Research has Obama up by 1. He's probably up by 7 or so.

Nate Silver calls it "the incredibly steady presidential race." NBC/WSJ sees no change in the national numbers.

In the news, there's Obama's "you didn't build that" comment and Romney's work with Bain and Romney's trip overseas and ... whatever. It is all just nothing. The dynamic is just not changing to this point. Obama is leading by a small amount. Not enough to be comfortable but enough to know you'd rather be holding his cards than Romney's right now.

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