Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swing State Polls

I said the other day that Obama seems to be doing better in Ohio than he is doing nationally. Today, a few swing state polls seem to confirm that Obama is indeed doing quite well right now.

The Purple Poll shows Obama up by 5 in Ohio, up by 2 in Virginia, tied in Colorado, and down by 2 in Florida. If those are the actual results on Election Day, Romney loses the election for sure. A new Rocky Mountain Poll in Arizona has Obama up by 2 there. Arizona is not an absolute must-win state for Romney but it would be very bad if he lost there.

It is a long, long way to go. But early on, this race is resembling the 1996 race in one key respect. It "feels" stable to me. It doesn't seem like we're likely to see wild swings back and forth in the absence of some big external shock. Intrade has Obama as about a 60% bet to win. I think he's in a little bit better position than that.

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