Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday Not Super

There's a lot of media hype about whether Romney will win in Ohio and/or Tennessee and whether it means something. It doesn't. The fight for the nomination is over. The media always hypes things as more competitive than reality to try to draw in viewers/readers. But the hype about Super Tuesday is really more out of step with the reality of the situation than usual. There is just no path to victory for Santorum, Gingrich or anyone else.

My predictions for tonight's winners:

Ohio - Romney by a hair ... but it is really nice hair
Tennessee - Santorum
Georgia - Gingrich by a lot. His win will fundamentally alter history. But he's still toast.
Virginia - Romney. This one is just silly.
Massachusetts - All of the Massachusetts Republicans will step out of the phone booth and vote for Romney.
Vermont - The Vermont Republican will vote for Romney
Oklahoma - Santorum. No, Romney is not in danger of losing ANY county to Obama in Oklahoma. Not one county.
North Dakota - Romney ... I think.
Idaho - Romney.
Alaska - Romney ... I think but it will be so late nobody will hear about it or care.

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