Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Fail is Really Super Good ...

... and liberals typically can't figure it out.

If you saw my posts around the time the debt limit increase deal was adopted, you know that I felt then that Obama had done great. He's looking like even more of a genius now.

If you're a liberal, pay attention to these realities:

1) The first round of cuts included just $21 billion in cuts between now and the middle of 2013. Not very much.

2) The "automatic" cuts that are now triggered because of the super-committee failure are also back-loaded and are half in defense. It is not a mix of cuts Democrats should fear.

3) The Bush tax cuts will all expire at the end of 2012 unless something is done. In other words, Obama has leverage. We will not be making massive cuts without Obama getting his pound of flesh on that.

4) The public is angry at both parties but they also tell pollsters that they believe Republicans have been more intransigent. Obama has set up the argument for 2012 in exactly the right way. He's the reasonable guy who was willing to make a deal (he offered 3:1 spending cuts for tax increases remember). They were the ones who would make any deal that included any tax increases, even on only the very wealthy. At a Republican debate a couple of months ago, all the Republican presidential candidates were asked if they would accept a deal that was 10:1 spending cuts to tax increases. Not a single one raised their hand. Obama will cue up that video for his ads I'm sure.

The bottom line is that if you think Obama has given up the farm, you need to look more carefully at what has been done. Universal healthcare, largest stimulus in history, auto industry bailout re-paid in full. TARP mostly re-paid. Credit card companies regulated. Student loans made more affordable. Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed. I could go on.

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